To have a choice is to be human. A choice supposes free will, and a free will necessitates responsibility. Where there exists responsibility, there will be rewards. In that sense, this writer is absolutely pro-choice. Our free will–our humanity–is a gift from God. We are to be held accountable for our actions, and this means … More Pro-Choice

The Pro-Life Generation

The tides are turning, America. We have decided that 60,000,000 lost souls are enough. We have a pro-life president; we have a pro-life congress; and soon we will have a pro-life supreme court. This carnage will come to an end. Planned Parenthood will be defunded, and an abortion ban will be enacted. Yes, we will win, but this isn’t … More The Pro-Life Generation

Back Alley Abortions

As an argument against the prohibition of abortion, it is often maintained that such a step would simply transfer the abortion procedure from the relatively safe confines of a medical office to the infamous “back alley.” There is little risk in performing abortions in a sterile medical setting, we are told, whereas the unsafe conditions … More Back Alley Abortions

Illogical Abortions

An oft-used argument for the pro-abortion crowd is that pregnant mothers bearing disabled or deformed children should not be forced to deal with such hardships as raising a handicapped child. But this argument has absolutely no logical case. Saying that mothers of disabled children should be free to abort does nothing to prove that abortion … More Illogical Abortions