To have a choice is to be human. A choice supposes free will, and a free will necessitates responsibility. Where there exists responsibility, there will be rewards. In that sense, this writer is absolutely pro-choice. Our free will–our humanity–is a gift from God. We are to be held accountable for our actions, and this means that, with God’s grace, we can merit the reward of everlasting life and eternal happiness. We should thank God every day for giving us the choice of Heaven or Hell.

All too often, however, many of us miserable men choose the latter. Perhaps no group is more striking in this regard than the supposed “pro-choice” abortion supporters. They rightly acknowledge that we, as humans, should possess the free will which enables us to choose between good and evil, but they throw this great gift back in God’s face by choosing the evil of abortion.

Yes, pro-choicers, you should have the right to choose what to do with your body. God Himself decreed that when He gave us all free will. But when you willingly choose wrongly to the devastating tune of 60,000,000 slaughtered innocents, you are a menace to society. We cannot support your evil choice in any way, shape, or form; and in fact we have a serious obligation before God to prevent you from multiplying your carnage.

We don’t harass you out of hate, but rather out of charity. Our only two options are good or evil; Heaven or Hell. Please choose wisely.


4 thoughts on “Pro-Choice

  1. I’d like to ask you a question out of curiosity, just to see your answer. I’m sure you’re not a complete idiot (though everyone’s a bit of an idiot) from reading the posts on this blog, so maybe you can find a reasonable reply.
    Have you ever heard of the chicken egg argument? I mean, think about it. A chicken egg to you is like a fetus is to a pro-choicer. It’s not a chicken, anymore than a fetus is to them a human. It’s not regarded as meat, you can eat it on a Friday. A chicken egg, though it will one day grow into a chicken, is not currently one. When you crack a chicken egg you don’t think “Oh, I’ve just slaughtered a chicken” because it isn’t one to you yet.
    So people could compare a fetus to a chicken egg. It’s not yet a human being, so in killing it one doesn’t necessarily think “oh, I’m killing a baby”.
    That’s probably badly put since I’m not a frequent writer or debater, and I’m only fifteen. I am also a pro-life person, so I’m not usually arguing their side. But I’m sure you, since you apparently have more than half a brain, can figure out my meaning. If you ever see this and have an argument for it, I’d really like to hear it. I don’t intend to carry on an actual full debate, but I’d still enjoy reading whatever you have to say.

    Tina L.

    1. Hi Tina! Good questions–apparently you also have more than half a brain 😉

      The fundamental problem with the chicken egg argument is that it attempts to equate animal life with human life. Ending an innocent human life has absolutely nothing in common with eating either a chicken or its eggs.

      Honest persons who refrain from eating meat as a matter of principle do also refrain from eating eggs. The chicken egg is literally a chicken life. In the Catholic Church, eggs were actually not permitted on fast days for many years due to this line of reasoning. Perhaps the best definition of meat, as given by St. Thomas Aquinas, is the flesh of animals who take their rest upon earth. Notice that eggs really do not have flesh, and thus were eventually permitted by the Church.

      Perhaps it could also be said that fetuses do not have flesh, but they certainly do have life. A soul is what constitutes life–not the body. So when we crack an egg we are very much ending a chicken life, just as if we were to tear a fetus from the womb we would be ending a human life. But when it comes to the moral realm, there is no comparison between the two actions. Animal life and human life are on entirely different levels.

      1. Hm, good answer. I had come up with the same reply, but you put it into words very neatly. Thank you for your reply and time ☺

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