The Pro-Life Generation


The tides are turning, America. We have decided that 60,000,000 lost souls are enough. We have a pro-life president; we have a pro-life congress; and soon we will have a pro-life supreme court. This carnage will come to an end. Planned Parenthood will be defunded, and an abortion ban will be enacted.

Yes, we will win, but this isn’t about our personal satisfaction. We don’t wish to “force our beliefs” upon anyone, take away rights, nor restrict access to healthcare. This is simply about saving lives. Abortion is murder, and it must stop. We are slaughtering our most innocent civilians in droves on a daily basis. Regardless of the feelings hurt, an abortion ban must be enacted.

Now is the time, America. The conditions have never been more favorable. Yes, the women will march, and Planned Parenthood will complain. But they must be ignored. We don’t hate these people, we don’t wish evil upon them, and we do not wish to destroy their lives. We simply want to save the lives of our unborn children. Though all the world may scream from the rooftops at our supposed injustice, an abortion ban must be enacted.

Now is the time, we are the pro-life generation, and an abortion ban will be enacted.


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