Back Alley Abortions


As an argument against the prohibition of abortion, it is often maintained that such a step would simply transfer the abortion procedure from the relatively safe confines of a medical office to the infamous “back alley.” There is little risk in performing abortions in a sterile medical setting, we are told, whereas the unsafe conditions of back alley abortions would cause untold damage to countless mothers.

Surprisingly, this particular argument of the left actually does maintain a grain of truth. Were abortions to be banned, there likely would occur a number of extremely unsafe back alley abortions. The argument, however, means nothing.

It is a principle of natural law that no intrinsically evil action is ever permitted–regardless of the amount of goodness that is supposed to result from the performance of the evil action. Claiming that the intrinsically evil act of supporting abortion by maintaining its legal status has the good effect of preventing unsafe back alley abortions is no argument.

Besides, the case is exaggerated. Were abortions to be banned across the nation, the number of abortions would drastically decrease due to the simple fact of its illegal status. Of course, a fraction of demonically-driven individuals would pay no heed to the law and seek out the unsafe back alleys, but that number is just a fraction. The majority of men are still trained to respect the law, and an illegal status of any action is always a most effective deterrent.

All good Americans know that our country must be freed from the scourge of abortion, so silly arguments like the back alley one need not faze us. Our great national sin of child-murder and subsequent sacrifice to Satan is crying out to Heaven for vengeance. Prevent it, we must. Count the cost, we must not.


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