A Letter to President Trump


Mr. President,

Congratulations on the accomplishment of a lifetime. You overcame all the odds, and you won. The powers of the entire world seemed to be against you, and yet you somehow pulled it off. Donald J. Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America. Incredible.

But before you go claiming all the credit, consider this. You are only a creature. You must still answer to your Creator. It was not your human will that vaulted you to the presidency, but rather it was His Divine will. You don’t work for yourself, and you don’t even work for the people. You work for Him. He has chosen you for this office, and now you must prove worthy.

Indeed, you are truly an agent of goodness and truth. But this role is not forced upon you. You may still run things as you see fit, and your own human will will not be infringed upon. God has left the choice to you. He’s placed you in the position to accomplish much good, but you must definitely choose to seize the opportunity.

How? Start by realizing that He has placed you here, and now He must carry you through the rest of the journey. Submit to Him. Make your will to be His will. He has led you this far, and He will not abandon you unless you choose to abandon Him. Remember that pride is the root of all evil, and humility is the root of all good. You’re undoubtedly a brilliant man, it is true, but from whence does your brilliance emanate?

Of course the answer is that infinite source of all that is good and true. God our Father is infinite perfection, and whatever good qualities you may possess are simply blessings from Him. So give thanks to Him by using your gifts in His honor and for His purposes.

His purposes? Goodness. Truth. Support these; demolish their counterparts. Planned Parenthood is the single most diabolical organization in the history of mankind, and her crimes absolutely dwarf those of every other evil institution combined. Here you have a harbor for all that is evil and untrue. Planned Parenthood is Satan’s diabolical bride, and she is the single biggest opponent of goodness, truth, and America. So crush her. Channel every possible ounce of just anger that can be kindled within your heart, and unleash it upon this wicked beast who is devouring the country you love so dearly.

Do this, and your presidency will be a success. Do this, and you will faithfully serve the God who has blessed you so dearly with this office. Jobs, immigration, and trade are as nothing when compared with the devil that is Planned Parenthood. If our citizens cannot have life, nothing else is of any importance. You have in your hands the power to guide our nation into an abortion-free era. Will you hear the voice of the countless millions of innocent lives that have been demonically slaughtered and sacrificed to Satan on the altar of pride?

You, Donald J. Trump, are an answer to the prayers of countless Americans who still love goodness and truth. You are a knight set upon your horse with sword in hand ready to battle the beast. She is ferocious, no doubt, but our prayers are on your side. Will you turn and run and choose the easier path as so many weak men before you? Or will you stand, Mr. President, and charge into battle against the evil beast that is Planned Parenthood? Your country is what’s at stake, and we’re waiting for your move. The ball is in your court. We are waiting, and we are watching. And we are praying.

God bless you,

–An American


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