Fornication, Birth Control, Sodomy


These three terrible practices share one common goal, self-gratification.

In fact, any sexual act which is not in conformity with God’s law is simply an act of proud defiance. We like to place ourselves over God. We like to satisfy our own pleasures while ignoring God’s.

We like to make excuses for our disobedience, but its time to admit that all impure acts share essentially the same nature. Each and every one of these terrible crimes is an act of pride–the placing of our own wishes above Almighty God’s.

This means that any poor soul embracing any impure act cannot logically condemn any other impure act. When the principle is established, what follows are just details. The principle of impurity is pride, and the circumstances surrounding the impurity do not much matter.

Any offense against this virtue is always a serious sin.

While many souls like to point the finger at those on the end of the impure spectrum, those at the beginning of the spectrum are the ones who paved the way for the lowest lows. Instead of the blame game, let’s acknowledge that every single act of impurity, no matter how small, shares the exact same nature as the very worst act of impurity. It becomes clear, then, that even the slightest infraction of this most holy law must be avoided at all cost–even life.


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