God and Love


Is it hard to love God? Is it hard for a child to love their parents?

No and no.

Love is the reason we were created. Love is in our nature. A child does not have to try to love their parents–it comes instinctively.

Our love for God should be no different. In fact, it should be even easier to love God. He is Our Heavenly Father. He loves us infinitely more than our Earthly parents could ever love us, and He is infinitely more good, beautiful, and lovable than our Earthly parents.

It is impossible not to love infinite beauty and goodness.

How, then, to explain the ubiquitous contempt for Our Good God and His laws? In order to love someone, we must first know that person. If men do not love God, it is because they do not know Him.

Since Our Lord does not force Himself on anyone, we are all free to choose our level of intimacy with Him. If we are too proud to search Him out and give Him our affection, He will leave us to our own miserable devices.

But if we seek Him out, oh what a reward there will be.


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