The Answer to Everything


Although we like to think otherwise, life is actually quite simple. Every single human problem can be solved by accepting one simple realization.

God is Our Father, and we are His children.

What problem does a child encounter that cannot be solved by a good father? How trivial are every child’s problems when up against the power of a strong father! Although we often see our problems as great and impossible, they are nothing to Our Heavenly Father. Just as a child’s complete meltdown can be solved by one simple act from his father, so to our problems can we solved by one simple act of the will from Our Heavenly Father.

Unfortunately, we’re just too proud to ask for His help. Tiny children are much wiser than their adult counterparts in this respect. After one failure at any task, every child will instantly have recourse to their seemingly omnipotent parent.

Rather than banging our collective heads against the wall trying to solve problems on our own, how about we all start asking Our Father for His almighty assistance?


3 thoughts on “The Answer to Everything

  1. this is unbelievable. you are holding us back as a species. Natural selection will pluck your belief system from the world like the weed it is.

    1. Actually, common sense dictates the exact opposite. The religious, pro-life crowd will continue to grow as its members reproduce at a significantly higher rate than those in the pro-death crowd.

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