Morals Over Politics

Evil Good Buttons Show Morals Or Mischief

A hypothetical: an extremely evil candidate wins the presidency and proceeds to remove all barriers and restrictions to abortion. This evil person even goes so far as to promote abortion as an inherently good thing. Citizens are not forced, however, into having abortions. It remains a decision to be freely made by the patient.

Is a country under such leadership necessarily doomed to murder en masse its most innocent civilians?

No. The rate at which abortions occur is subject to the amount of morality possessed by the populace.

Sure, an evil president with such power can certainly wield tremendous influence, (and as such bears serious responsibility) but still they are not forcing anyone to have abortions.

The answer to our great abortion problem, then, is not politics. It’s morality. Augment society’s sense of morality, and you diminish abortions.

Politics are important because of the powerful influence they have over our moral lives, but nothing supersedes morality.

Instill in society proper morals, and the abortion problem will be solved.

Now, if we could only figure out where morals come from…


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