“How Could Someone be so Evil?”


We hear the above expression every time some sort of gruesome crime makes the headlines. But should we really be surprised?

After all, evil at its core is nothing more than devil worship. And how could any of us be surprised by the depths to which men can sink when we realize the nature of sin?

Any sin, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is by its very nature an act of allegiance to Satan himself. Sin is disobedience to God’s law, and the only other law is Satan’s. Every time we sin, we are choosing Satan’s law over God’s law.

Satan’s law?  It has only one commandment: Do what thou wilt.

Satan does not particularly care what we are doing so long as we are indulging our pride and therefore eschewing God. Satan does, however, untiringly attempt to draw us consistently further and further away from God.

This explains the shocking depravity of which man is capable.

The process starts by man giving into small sins–tiny infractions against God’s good law–and it does not stop until we are thoroughly in the grasp of Satan’s claw. Then we become like Satan himself, and that is how man becomes so evil.

The only solution? Avoid the little sins. No matter how insignificant an act of evil may seem, it is better to die a thousand bodily deaths than to merit the one eternal death of the soul.


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