A Swimming Lesson


Over the weekend, my daughter learned how to swim. Well, she tried to learn anyway. Her grandma bought her a small floatie, but it was still a struggle for her to even keep her head above water. Despite those struggles, she flatly refused my help. As I stood next to her in the pool watching that tiny head bob up and down, it took everything in me not to reach out a steadying hand.  But even several gulps of pool water were not enough to subdue her stubbornness. She was bound determined to master her floatie, and all I could do was watch. And think.

What a perfect metaphor for life, this was. As Our Heavenly Father watches over us and sees our hopeless flailing about, He too often refrains from extending His helping hand. Why? Because we’re too stubborn to ask His help. We would rather learn things the hard way.

But how hard it is for a loving parent to witness their child struggling! The observation that God is Our Father and we are His children gives parents an incredible insight into the mind of God. And how terrible it is to imagine Our Heavenly Father watching His miserable children refuse His help. Let’s make amends today. Ask for His hand. Ask for His help.


3 thoughts on “A Swimming Lesson

  1. It’s fantastic that she feels confident enough to try on her own! (With your close supervision as you, yourself, pointed out). A lot of children who aren’t experienced or strong swimmers have a fear of the water that inhibits them from learning to swim – unlike your daughter!

    I absolutely agree with you! Learning to swim is a metaphor for life with children on a whole. You keep a close eye, you’re there to help if and when they need you, but for the most part you let those incredible little bodies and minds do all they can to make sense of this crazy world!

    Beautiful post, and beautiful words.

    Lauren Murray,
    Swim For Five

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