A Perfect Love


What kind of love does God deserve? An infinite love. What kind of love does God require? A perfect love. An infinite being deserves infinite love, but finite creatures are not capable of this. Thankfully, God is infinite justice, and He could never require something that is impossible. So God only requires from us that we love Him with all of our finite powers of loving–a perfect love.

There was once a very proud man who was terribly devastated when his priest told him he had a long way to go before achieving this perfect love for God. What a blow to his puffed-up ego were those words! Thankfully, the man quickly realized his fault and gave thanks to God for this much-needed humiliation. The priest also gave some wonderful words of counsel for achieving this perfect love for God.

Everything that is good comes from God. If we have any goodness within us, it is simply because we cooperated with the grace of God. Now God certainly desires each of His children to love Him with a perfect love, so it follows that God will supply the necessary helps to achieve this love. All we have to do is accept His helps and cooperate with His graces. This is how we obtain a perfect love for our Perfect Lover.


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