Monastic Life

Here’s an idea that most will scoff at today. “It is no small matter to live in a monastery, or in a congregation, and to dwell therein without complaint and to persevere faithful till death.”

Our present world consider the idea of monastic life to be a laughing matter, but more wrong they could not be. For is not the monastic idea the highest calling a man can receive? Here, men are forced to die to themselves and live only for Christ. Is this not the very purpose of mankind–to live for Christ?

Indeed, Thomas à Kempis tells us concerning monasteries, “Here no man can remain, unless he be willing with all his heart to humble himself, for the love of God.”

To humble ourselves for the love of God is the cheif aim of every good soul. Perhaps monastic life may be impractical for us, but couldn’t we all live it in spirit by being willing with all our hearts to humble ourselves for the love of God?


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