Tomi Lahren


Foul-mouthed and disgusting is perhaps the best way to describe the depraved character that is Tomi Lahren. This impure and immoral girl has taken the conservative movement by storm because she occasionally makes scathing remarks against the American Left. Ms. Lahren’s “pro-choice” comments last week on The View, however, were quite the opposite.

A pitifully poor justification of her pro-choice stance was offered by Ms. Lahren, but it barely even deserves mention. Instead, let’s focus on the real problem manifested by this episode.

Tomi Lahren is just one more example of how Americans worship politics at the expense of their God. The only thing that matters is getting to heaven, and nothing is more important than saving our souls. This poor young girl offers zero assistance in this arena. In fact, she (perhaps unknowingly) actively works to thwart the salvation of souls by proudly displaying her immodesty, impurity, vulgarity, and countless other vices. Granted, this beautiful young woman can turn a phrase and melt a liberal snowflake, but does she help us get to heaven?


A very wise man once warned that the devil wouldn’t mind being the greatest political conservative in the world if it meant he could get more souls to hell. Tomi Lahren is not the devil, but whether she knows it or not, she is doing his work.


3 thoughts on “Tomi Lahren

  1. Tom Naegele, being pro-choice does not equate automatic approval of certain things. It seems likely that being pro-choice means that you may oppose something, however, not wanting to mandate your views and letting other people make their own choices.

    1. But the only time I don’t want to “mandate my views” is when it’s a matter of taste. You can be pro-choice all you want when it comes to the question of which is the best color to paint a home. But when we’re talking about real, objective, moral truths, there’s no negotiating. There’s only a right answer and a wrong answer. Moral choices are either good or bad. If you are pro choice when it comes to moral decisions, you are effectively pro-bad.

  2. Tom Naegele, an example of personal taste: If you have a specific type of music you enjoy and someone you know has the same taste but a different album or artist that they like, would that cause any issues? Or, as long as the music is clean, it does not matter to you?

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