As a very wise friend recently wrote, “The only thing that matters is getting to heaven.” This is the criteria by which we must decide which individuals will be permitted to influence our lives. Ask this question–does the particular individual at issue help me get to heaven–and we shall know if that person should be permitted a place of influence in our lives.

When we ask this question of Mr. Milo Yiannopoulos, the answer is a resounding no.

Any soul who permits this Milo to have any position of influence in their lives is making a grave mistake. There is almost no possible way in which this poor, deranged man can help any soul attain to heaven. Worse still, he directly leads many souls away from heaven. Conservatives the world over have taken to this spiritually diseased man, and many hold him in high esteem. To heap honor and praise upon a man who proudly indulges in unnatural vice is an insult to our Creator. This is no way to get to heaven.

When political conservatives side with this poor creature, they are choosing their politics over their souls. To say that we must overlook his grave sins because of his witty polemics is ridiculous. Should we honor and praise a terrible murderer who happens to be a great cook? If the we apply the principle, “The only thing that matters is getting to heaven,” it becomes clear that any talent not used for this end is entirely useless. There is no denying that Milo has a most remarkable, natural ability for quick and witty thinking, and that he often employs this skill to attack political leftists, but so what!? When we stand before our Creator and are commanded to give an account of our lives, political wit will not be one of our mentions. Without the virtues necessary for heaven (faith, hope, and charity), every skill, talent, and natural ability under the sun is entirely worthless.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a plague upon this country because he is the antithesis of a soul trying to get to heaven. He leads us away from the only thing that really matters by slowly conning us into accepting his deviant lifestyle. Familiarity breeds acceptance, and no soul who is trying to attain to heaven should have anything to do with this poor man. Pray that his lost soul may find its way to the truth, yes. But until we see signs of our prayers having the desired effect, stay very, very far away.


3 thoughts on “Milo

  1. The problem with this approach is that we could never praise anything positive that anyone (especially a public figure) does…because, let’s face it, there aren’t any perfect and morally irreproachable people in any noteworthy public positions. As much as Milo’s in-your-face sodomy is despicable and scandalous (though it may, to a large extent, be just his media persona – i.e. it allows him to say things other public personalities would not be able to say), he has done a lot of good in terms of waking up brainwashed college kids. And he even promotes Catholicism (the traditional sort, odd as it may seem…he’s referred to the traditional Mass a number of times); while he openly admits he’s a very bad & sinful Catholic, he does say that the Catholic faith is the true one. Even very sinful people can do something good, and when Milo promotes traditional values and morality (as he often does in his speeches, despite his own poor practical example) he is doing something positive that does open people’s eyes. Let’s not forget that the vast majority of his audience never even heard anyone they ‘followed’ speak positively of these things before.

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