To date, hundreds of posts have been made to this page. Thousands of words have been written. Countless hours have been spent racking a very small brain, and it has all been in an attempt to make this country more pleasing to God. Has it all been worth it–Has this work had the desired effect? Perhaps. But if this blog has had some small impact, can the good be attributed to this writer? Absolutely not.

Some time ago, headlines were made across the country when a president exclaimed the now infamous phrase, “…you didn’t build that.” The comment was preposterous because it implied that government gives us the power to accomplish good things, when in reality that power comes solely from God. If we used that same line of reasoning–“…you didn’t build that.”–and applied it to our total dependence upon God, the sentiment is actually very true and humble to its core. Our bodies and souls can accomplish very great things, but only because those bodies and souls are animated by the power of an omnipotent God.

Man has built great structures, but who gave him the hands to do so? Man has composed beautiful arrangements of music, but who instilled in him an appreciation of beauty? Man has solved very complex problems, but who blessed him with the powers of reasoning? Man may accomplish much good, but who is really the source of that good? The answer to all of these questions, of course, can only be an omnipotent God.

This simple thought should fill us with reverence and awe, but more importantly it should fill us with humility. Man is as nothing in the sight of omnipotence. We proudly boast of the feeble accomplishments of mankind, yet we forget that Our Creator made not only mankind, but also the universe we inhabit. Let’s take just a few minutes to give Him an humble thanks.

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