Reductio Ad Absurdum


Abortion cannot be reasonable because of its inevitable conclusion. If every baby was murdered, there would be no human race. Abortion is unreasonable, and unreasonable acts are immoral. Therefore, abortion is immoral.


2 thoughts on “Reductio Ad Absurdum

  1. That is a weak argument. War is always immoral, because if it were fought to the extreme, all men would be dead.

    Yes, abortion is immoral, but there are much better arguments supporting the assertion.

    1. I don’t see your war example applying here because it is always a sin to instigate war.

      You are right that this isn’t the best argument, but it is an argument. Obviously, those involved in abortions aren’t much interested in logic, so I’ve often wondered how it is possible to convince them of their wrong doing. It seems to me that we should exhaust every possible logical argument in the hopes that one will eventually take hold.

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