Avoiding Misery


Man is a miserable creature. He lives his life–which is really nothing more than a slow death–in a valley of tears. He lives in a state of banishment where his passions would rule over his intellect. He is in a constant struggle to avoid being enslaved by his own creation, sin. Truly, man lives a miserable life, and yet he is absolutely forbidden to give into the misery surrounding him.

How can a man possibly live in this miserable world without surrendering his happiness? He must understand that we were not created for this world. Our true home is in the next. Refrain from seeking happiness in the things of this world, and set our sights upon our eternal home.

The state of our souls, not the state of our worldly lives, is all that matters. A healthy soul is the only requirement for everlasting happiness.

Dear reader, do you have problems with the things of this life? Is your bodily health subpar? Are financial difficulties pressing? Are family relations unpleasant? Are working conditions undesirable? Is mental stability and serenity only a dream?

I ask you this: What does it matter!?

Life on earth is miserable, but life on earth is short. Life in heaven is incomprehensible, and life in heaven is everlasting. See to it that your soul is in order, and nothing else matters. Worldly problems are nothing more than the dust of which man’s body is composed. As his soul separates, man’s body–along with his problems–will return to the nothingness from which they came.

Ah, but his soul! What fate shall befall our eternal souls! If only we would disregard the misery of this life, and focus on the eternal bliss of the next life, surely heaven would be ours.


2 thoughts on “Avoiding Misery

  1. What a great explanation of these words of St Teresa of Avila:

    Let nothing disturb thee,
    Nothing affright thee
    All things are passing;
    God never changeth;
    Patient endurance
    Attaineth to all things;
    Who God possesseth
    In nothing is wanting;
    Alone God sufficeth.

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