Donald Trump has been President of the United States for more than 205 days. During that time, nothing substantial has changed. We might have added a few jobs or something like that, but has anything of importance really improved? We still hear of wars and rumors of wars, and we’re still a nation divided. So … More Failure?

How to Save a Soul

In order to save our souls, only one thing is necessary. We must love God more than ourselves. In order to enter Heaven and see God, however, we must love Him with a perfect love. There are many who love God a little, but this is not enough. He who loves his God less than … More How to Save a Soul

Happy Independence Day!

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240 years. Not a bad life you’ve had, America. For this birthday, I’d like to write you a little love letter… If that’s cool? Thanks. Here goes. You’re definitely the best country I’ve ever met. You are so very beautiful on the inside and out. Your people are so good, their…


I’ll never forget that day. Exactly one hundred and seven stairs stood between me and the third-floor classroom where I was supposed to meet my professor. I had a massive project that was due, and I hadn’t worked on it one lick. You see, me and school never got along. There is just something about … More Stairs

This Writer

This blog is not politically correct. (Some would say this blog is not correct about much of anything, but that’s neither here nor there…) The goal on this site is not to speak harmless platitudes with which everyone agrees, but rather to challenge the status quo. Thus the provocative titles. Thus the inflammatory statements. Thus … More This Writer