I’ll never forget that day. Exactly one hundred and seven stairs stood between me and the third-floor classroom where I was supposed to meet my professor. I had a massive project that was due, and I hadn’t worked on it one lick. You see, me and school never got along. There is just something about … More Stairs

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This blog is not politically correct. (Some would say this blog is not correct about much of anything, but that’s neither here nor there…) The goal on this site is not to speak harmless platitudes with which everyone agrees, but rather to challenge the status quo. Thus the provocative titles. Thus the inflammatory statements. Thus … More This Writer

Thank You

We here at TomNaegeleBlogs would like to take a moment to thank our numerous supporters with a short post expressing our gratitude. The ultimate goal of this blog is to effect the triumph of goodness, truth, and America; but none of that would be possible if it weren’t for you. An enthusiastic thanks is in … More Thank You

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This author is proud to announce that hard copies of his first book, American Exhortation: A Call for Moral Reform, are now available for purchase. Simply click this link to make the easy transaction. American Exhortation is a book unlike any other. It takes readers on a literal tour of our country’s¬†greatest national crimes, the … More Now Available!