“Is change a good thing or a bad thing?” I will never forget the day my high school English teacher, Mrs. Elhers, began class by asking her students to write a paragraph response to that question. In the few short minutes we were given to formulate a reply, none of us students could do much better than “it depends”. Of course that answer is simply too easy and unsatisfying. Since high school, I have had more time to consider the question, and I believe I now have a more appropriate and adequate answer.

The question of change is an ever relevant one because we daily hear our politicians discussing the matter. We have all heard the same old speeches and overused campaign slogans clamoring for change. It often sounds good on the surface, but we need to dig deeper if we honestly want to find the truth. A country that doesn’t vet its politicians’ rhetoric will be a country run by demagogues. Let us, then, examine this seemingly innocuous idea of change.

A fact that must first be established is that all of nature tends towards corruption and disorder. Human nature is no exception. In our flawed state, we find it much easier to take the low road. This fact alone seems to indicate that change will often be for the worse. By the miracle of God’s grace, however, it is possible to overcome our nature and make commendable changes. That being said, evil is clearly triumphing in our decadent American society, so any talk of change must be thoroughly interrogated before winning our approval. Change should always be guilty until proven innocent.

One of the reasons that change can be so dangerous is its ability to hide behind the disguise of vagueness. Change is too often a euphemism for something much worse. This is why revolutionaries will always employ the notion of change–It is much easier to win public approval of evil ideals if they are left open for the public’s interpretation. Every American citizen can identify some aspect of our society that they dislike; thus a politician calling for broad, general change has an extremely widespread appeal. Any honest politician will be upfront, honest, and sincere about their plans, and will have no reason to hide behind the cloak of change. For this reason, be exceedingly skeptical and wary of any politician desirous of change.

What condemns the idea of change more than anything else is the fact that successful policies have already been determined and established. The American experiment has accomplished the grandest success the world has ever known. New ideas are not needed here. Change is not our prescription for success, but rather change is the vehicle which has taken us to the sad state in which we currently live. Revolutionaries have worked in America by disrupting and changing our political system to the point where it is all but unrecognizable, and then point to our failure as evidence of the need for change. My fellow Americans, we cannot be so easily blinded. These revolutionaries, these changers if you will, are the very people who have caused us to fail!

Change is not the answer. In fact, the opposite of change is what this country needs. Most conservatives understand this, and that is exactly why one won’t hear many of them talking about change. On the contrary, a reversion back to the old American ways is understood by conservatives to be the answer to our failings. The idea of change implies something new, and it simply isn’t needed here. Our founders literally spelled out the recipe for success and handed it to us. All we have to do is abide by those ideas that made America the greatest nation the world has ever known. So after all these years, Mrs. Elhers, here is my real answer. In America, change is a very bad thing.


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