Marriage Equality?


“Marriage equality is unstoppable”, reads the headline of a recent CNN opinion column. I happen to find myself agreeing with this, but not for the conventional reasons. I believe that marriage equality is “unstoppable” because it is already in place in our society. Indeed, before any gay “marriage” laws ever existed, gays already possessed equal rights. Each and every American citizen has the right to marry one member of the opposite sex. Regardless of one’s gender, creed, national heritage, or so called sexual orientation, this right is nation-wide and non-discriminatory. Considering this fact, the marriage equality movement can clearly be seen as possessive of an entirely different motive.

Prior to the American counter-culture movement of the ’60s and ’70s, the homosexual lifestyle was viewed in mainstream society as nothing less than an abomination. Since Americans were so opposed to the idea, there necessarily had to be a very stealthy and well-disguised movement in order for gays to gain acceptance into society. The only course for homosexual activists to obtain success, then, was an appeal to the American obsession with rights.

Generally, when an argument is being made in favor of any position, evidence is presented in an attempt to illustrate the superiority of that position. If one examines the rhetoric of marriage equality proponents however, the absence of even the attempt to prove the superiority of gay marriage is striking. It seems that the entire case for marriage equality is based on some obscure notion of fairness. “If they can do it, I should be able to do it too.” Never mind the fact that any gay person can marry one member of the opposite sex at any time they desire. Hearing arguments like this, one is reminded of the logic of toddlers.

Yet, even with this lack of logical arguments, gay marriage is daily winning more supporters. Activists very quickly discovered that Americans have a soft spot when it comes to rights, so gay marriage was simply painted with a broad brush into this category. Just as every American has the right to free speech, every American has the right to marry whomever they desire. This was the case that was presented to society, and it has been taken hook, line, and sinker.

Of course gay marriage is also being presented as a natural, “alternative lifestyle.” This is simply another tactic to divert any attention away from the damning facts about the detrimental effects of gay marriage. The homosexual lifestyle is no more natural than the criminal lifestyle. Society will see the personification of both of these lifestyles for the rest of its days, but prevalence of something has no bearing on the morality of that thing. Just because something exists does not mean that it is good. Again, this is elementary logic at best.

It is clear that the marriage equality movement is not about equal rights. In actuality, the end result of marriage equality is total inequality. Marriage is a zero-sum game, and if gays are permitted to abuse and redefine the institution, traditional marriage suffers exceedingly. The two cannot coexist. There is a direct correlation between the acceptance of gay marriage and the decline of traditional marriage within our society. But Americans will never hear any of these truths. Instead, attention is solely focused on equality of rights.

The purpose of all of this attention is simply to prevent the nation from having an honest, logical, and sensible discussion about the effects of gay marriage. Activists know that such an honest discussion would mean certain defeat for their movement, so the national focus will remain upon vague notions of equality–regardless of the merits of the argument. Americans cannot be permitted to maintain such an illogical attitude about the matter. Let us all do our national duty of weighing the merits of each argument for and against gay marriage, and we will quickly and easily discover that the entire notion of marriage equality is nothing more than a cunning and deceitful lie.


6 thoughts on “Marriage Equality?

    1. Haha religious arguments are the most important arguments to make. But anyway, your statement isn’t true. There are a million and one studies that show traditional marriage is to be preferred even for natural reasons.

      One example is the rearing of children. Children always fare much better in a traditional family. Another example is health. Traditional spouses are far more likely to be healthy and safe from disease.

  1. Tom Naegele, that is the point I am making. Aside from religious arguments, any other arguments made against same-sex marriage are ridiculous. Children faring better when raised by traditional families over having same-sex parents-that is highly debatable. Here are a few videos that would challenge your statement that children fare better when raised by straight parents over same-sex parents: 1: 2:, 3: 4: Here are a few questions for you: 1: If you have a traditional family, one mother and one father, assuming one parent has a substance abuse problem, is that not bad for children? 2: Assuming that this is not the case in a same-sex parent household, would that not defeat any argument against same-sex parenting? 3: If kids in some cases are just as happy and well-adjusted in a same-sex parenting household as well as an opposite-sex parenting household, does this not render any argument made against same-sex marriage or the possible effectiveness of same-sex parenting as invalid?

  2. Tom Naegele, here are 2 videos for you: 1: 2: Watch them both thoroughly. Children faring better under straight parents than under same-sex parents-if this is the case, explain to me why same traditional marriages fall apart where children were a product of said marriages and not marriages between 2 people of the same sex that also involve children, by adoption or sperm donation. Automatically claiming that traditional marriage and parenting is the best thing for children is not necessarily accurate.

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