Abortion: OK; Fetal Harvesting: Not?


A national outrage has erupted over the recent videos showing planned parenthood selling the body parts of aborted babies. But why should we be so outraged over these findings while abortion gets a free pass so often in our society? Is not the murder of a child by its own mother a far greater crime? And if these babies are really nothing more than tissue, why is it so unethical to sell their body parts? This case is extremely reminiscent of the Oregon power plant which was found to be using the bodies of aborted babies for fuel. In that situation, the response was identical. National outrage spurred the power plant to hold an emergency meeting where it quickly determined to halt the practice. Planned Parenthood is a much bigger beast, and they will not be taken down so easily, yet still, the power of the American people, when united, is inspiring. These two extremely similar cases teach us several things. First, anyone who is pro-abortion and against the practice of selling aborted babies’ body parts, is a hypocrite. If the fetus is just tissue, than so are its body parts. Secondly, Americans do still have a conscience, and our quick reaction to this story shows that we do feel guilty for our crimes. And finally, We The People, when united, are truly a force to be reckoned with.


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