The Real Problem


Josh Duggar has shocked the world over the course of the past few months by admitting to some of the most terrible sins of impurity. Many people are claiming that Josh is a hypocrite and bad Christian, thus implying that his faith should have prevented him from such crimes. But perhaps Josh’s faith is precisely what caused his fall in the first place. Josh identifies as a Christian, but a more accurate label would be that of a Lutheran. In fact, most of the Christians in the world today are also Lutherans who subscribe to Martin Luther’s main teaching of salvation by faith alone. This Lutheran error has been the direct cause of much of the evil in the world for the last five centuries. When someone believes they are automatically saved by simply accepting Christ as their savior, what incentive does that person have to remain loyal to Christ and His teachings? All too often, the error of Martin Luther leads people to do terrible things simply because they believe they are already saved and nothing further is required of them. Looking at the matter from a purely logical standpoint, why would Josh Duggar not seek to fulfill and satisfy all of his earthly and carnal desires? When one believes they are automatically saved by their faith alone, morals are instantly gone from the equation. A true Christian acknowledges that Christ is their all-merciful savior, but also acknowledges that Christ is their all-just judge.


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