Logic Vs. Gay Marriage


Although logic is typically confined to the sidelines during any debate surrounding gay marriage, it is still important to counter the pro-homosexual talking points with a dose of truth.

Perhaps the favorite talking point among the pro-homosexual crowd is that the homosexual lifestyle is ingrained in one’s genes, and thus it is natural and cannot be repressed. Besides the fact that there is absolutely no evidence for the so-called “gay gene”, this is still a silly and pointless argument. Natural tendencies towards a certain action have no bearing whatsoever on the morality of that action. Humans are by our very nature flawed, and thus we all have immoral tendencies and urges. Someone with a history of alcoholism in their family may have an ingrained tendency to abuse alcohol, but this does not mean those urges should be satisfied. The existence or lack thereof of a “gay gene” has nothing to do with the moral discussion surrounding gay marriage.

A nascent argument that pro-homosexuals are using is that since the supreme court has legalized gay marriage, the debate is now over. The morality of gay marriage can no longer be questioned, apparently. But how ludicrous is this argument when we consider the other atrocities our supreme court has legalized! Slavery, abortion, and prohibition are just a few of the disasters our nation’s highest court has placed their stamp of approval upon. This argument is clearly even more ridiculous when we consider that the decision was made by five justices who were never elected by the people. Five unelected lawyers imposed their faulty version of the truth upon the entire country, and the debate is now settled? Since when did the supreme court have the power to act as God by determining the morality of actions? The gay marriage supreme court decision is nothing more than yet another manifestation that the United States have become an oligarchy. Again, this argument has nothing to do with the moral discussion surrounding gay marriage.

Another argument pro-homosexuals attempt to employ could be summed up by the slogan accompanying the supreme court decision: “love wins.” Two gay people can love each other just like two straight people, and so they deserve the same opportunities for marriage, the pro-homosexual crowd will say. But is it really love if two gay people are attracted to each other? Only an extremely misguided person could have such a serious misunderstanding of love. Our culture has done its best to reduce the notion of love to the point where it is now considered nothing more than physical and sexual attraction, but this is actually only the lowest level of love. Anyone with a true understanding of love sees physical attraction as merely a small element in a much grander scheme. Physical attraction is meant to lead to much more–children, mutual consolation of the spouses, and the spiritual betterment of the spouses. Physical attraction is only a tool to help achieve these ends. Pro-homosexuals are attempting to make physical attraction an end in and of itself, and this is sophomoric. Much like the child who would enjoy candy all day long without considering the consequences, homosexuals rush to satisfy their urges without the slightest consideration of the ramifications. We don’t have urges to eat simply for the purpose of eating; we have the urge to eat in order to supply our body with the fuel it needs. Likewise, sexual urges are not to be hearkened to merely for the purpose of self-satisfaction, but rather for the purpose of procreation. Love incorporates sexual urges and attractions, but these urges and attractions alone in no way incorporate love. Homosexuals haven’t the slightest grasp on the true ideal of love.

These are but a few of the groundless arguments presented by the pro-homosexual crowd. Logical rebuttals to their arguments will rarely if ever be taken seriously, yet it is always a good idea to be prepared to defend the truth.


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