Political ADD


Perhaps one of the reasons for conservatives’ inability to effect good change is that conservative leaders constantly jump from issue to issue. The daily news is the only factor in determining which issues are discussed. Of course it is important to stay on top of current events, but an intensive focus on one issue at a time is the only way of accomplishing anything.

As someone who takes in a significant amount of political material, it is extremely frustrating to witness the way in which conservatives swing from issue to issue attempting to defend their attacked beliefs. Everyone is talking about gun control one week; and then it’s illegal immigration the next. Anti-conservatives owe their success to the simple fact that they are on the offensive. Conservatives, however, wait for their beliefs to be attacked, and then attempt to play defense while all their other beliefs are being attacked and torn down. It isn’t necessary to play the game this way. Conservatives don’t have to rush to the defensive side every time a liberal politician calls for more gun control. One single issue needs to be focused upon, and that issue needs to be attacked with all the vengeance that can possibly be mustered.

Case in point is the Planned Parenthood video bombshell. Most conservatives halfheartedly addressed the videos for a week or two, but now everyone is back to talking about Donald Trump’s immigration policies and Hillary Clinton’s emails. Who cares about immigration or emails when our most innocent citizens are having their still-beating hearts ripped from their tiny bodies as their killers stand above them and laugh!? Shouldn’t every issue in the entire world take a backseat to that? Millions of babies, God’s greatest gifts, are being legally murdered, and yet we’d rather talk about the stock market losing a few points. America will never have a better opportunity to rid itself of the hellish organization that is Planned Parenthood, and conservative leaders are allowing it to pass right on by. There should be no issue discussed on any news network until Planned Parenthood is not only defunded, but also defamed, disintegrated, and destroyed. That may sound implausible, but why? Remember the ridiculous amount of time CNN devoted to the missing airplane? Let’s try and devote a little time to something a tad more important–the missing hearts of tiny babies who had all their organs ripped out and sold so that the murderers could buy a new Lamborghini.

All American issues are important, but there will be no more America if we don’t begin a great healing process. God will only tolerate so much evil, and it is hard to imagine evil much worse than this is even possible. Satan is assuredly proud of what America has become, and he doesn’t want to give back his vast accomplishments. So he continues to try and distract us by feeding stories about our precious stock market, economy, and the like. All of these stories are simply a tool to divert us away from what are the real evils in our country. Abortion has to be the greatest human tragedy of all time, and it will take a truly heroic effort to overcome it. That fight is hardly even possible, however, if we can’t find the time to focus on this, the real issue of our day.


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