Weak Arguments


While driving this afternoon I tuned into the second most popular talk radio show in America, The Sean Hannity Show. A caller phoned in to discuss a video showing Hillary Clinton standing by and laughing as her emcee essentially replaced God with Hillary in the Pledge of Allegiance. “I don’t think we should be referencing God in the pledge because with the 10,000 different definitions of God we don’t even know if He exists,” The caller argued.

This pitiful argument presented Sean with a golden chance to illustrate the existence of God to his listeners, but unfortunately he swung and missed.

Sean essentially used the same weak argument which Dinesh D’Souza often employs in his frequent debates. Their argument could be summed up thus: “We don’t know that their is a God, but we believe that there is a God because it’s simply the best possible explanation of the universe.”

What a sad position to argue from!

The human intelligence, with its powers of reason, can indeed know that there is a God. It can also come to know certain attributes of God. Persons which possess the use of reason can simply analyze things and their causes to rather quickly discover that nothing in this world exists by its very nature. Everything in creation is contingent upon something else, and simply by tracing this logical process back to its root one will come to the reasonable conclusion that there must exist some being which exists by its very nature. In other words, it does not need something else in order to exist. That Being is what we know as God.

Let’s not be weak in our theistic arguments by claiming that God is simply the best explanation for the way things are. Let’s instead be bold by strongly affirming the fact that we do indeed know there to be an infinitely good God who created each and every molecule of His beautiful creation.


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