Women & Backward Countries


Women are the reason that so many backward countries exist in the world today. Third world, miserable countries are undeveloped, unstable, and unlivable all because of their women. Am I being chauvinistic, bigoted, or misogynistic?

Quite the opposite.

If one were to list the attributes of backward countries, they would find a great deal of them to be Islamic countries. This demonic ideology is the world’s worst offender when it comes to treating women with their deserved respect. That is the key to the backward state in which these miserable countries exist.

Women are meant to be man’s counterpart; they make him a better person. By balancing out a man’s masculine traits, a woman civilizes and refines the men in her life. It may be cliche to say that behind every great man stands a great woman, but it simply cannot be denied that collective man owes his success and goodness to women.

With that principle in place, it becomes quite clear why women are the cause of backward countries. In too many places women are denied their role as man’s helpmate. Without this essential device, men have little hope to succeed in establishing a functioning country. In a blind attempt to succeed, men which run these backward countries are suppressing the very thing which is meant to help them succeed.

Middle Eastern countries are the worst for this particular problem because the people are so entrenched in their infernal Islam. That terrible ideology is straight from the pit of hell, and its cannons clearly manifest that fact. Where Christianity embraces the proper role of women as man’s helpmate on the road to goodness, Islam despises women with unmatched contempt. Islam sees in women a path to goodness, and it rejects that path in the most emphatic way possible by denying women any role whatsoever in their society. Islam embraces evil and runs from anything that could possibly make its adherents sway their beliefs.

Islam’s suppression of women’s proper role is the chief cause of backward countries in the world today. Only when Islam is defeated and women win the liberty to freely exercise their crucial rights and proper role will these societies set foot on the road to goodness.


5 thoughts on “Women & Backward Countries

  1. I agree, God created men and women as individuals, each with their own unique gifts, the men of islam prevent the women from achieving all that God created them for, islamic men really never mature like real men do.

  2. A certain priest put it best when he said, “Islam is nothing more than glorified fallen male nature.” It really makes sense when you think about it. Islam’s vices are often simply male traits taken to their absolute evil extreme.

  3. Belloc wrote that Islam is basically a Christian heresy, (think along the lines of the Arian heresy taken to the extreme), which at its root denies the Incarnation. Without which human life loses much of its value. Witness the false ideologies of Isis, the Jews, neo pagan Amerika under Obama and the democrats– human life has very little value.

    Without the Incarnation, there is no true brotherhood, there’s no Vine to anchor the branches.

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