How to Solve the Bathroom Problem


Most Americans never thought they would live to see a day where the hottest topic across all of media is bathrooms. This silly fact gives testimony to the pitiable depths into which our culture has fallen, but nonetheless the current bathroom issue is a serious problem and it must be confronted.

So how can we possibly solve such a strange and frivolous enigma?

The answer is surprisingly easy: stop talking about it.

Stop talking about this ridiculous non-issue of who should use which bathroom, and let’s instead identify the root problem causing so much confusion. By continuously expostulating about bathrooms, we are giving these hysterical goons reason to feel important. We are simply egging them on and giving life to their cause. Once the LGBTQAwhatever crowd sees the cacophony they have caused, they will be emboldened to push their perverted ideas even farther.

The bathroom issue is nothing more than a symptom of a much deeper problem.

The root cause? A good place to start is with the breakdown of the family. No person which goes through childhood in a normal, functioning family will wake up as an adult to suddenly find themselves gay, transgender, questioning, or any other unnatural thing. Re-institute the traditional family as the building block of society, and not only will the LGBT disease disappear, it will take all of its symptoms with it.

Don’t waste time attacking a mere symptom of a much deeper problem. Don’t petition the government to pass laws mandating the correct manner of labeling bathrooms. If we go down this road, then government and law in general have stooped too low. The only real solution is to treat the truly deadly disease of family breakdown. Now that is a worthwhile discussion to have.



2 thoughts on “How to Solve the Bathroom Problem

  1. I agree, but the obama Administration brought it this issue up to focus people’s thinking away from even more important issues.

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