Immigration Reprieve

Central American Migrant Movement on Mexico's Southerm Border

Perhaps the most common stance on immigration could be summed up in this way: “If you want to come to our country, fine. Just make sure you do it legally.” While it is easy to empathize with this line of thinking, there is actually a very serious flaw contained therein.

America is known as the great melting pot as the country was formed by a nation of immigrants. The fact that we could peacefully take in settlers from such an enormous variety of backgrounds, and then melt them all into one homogeneous society, is something to be very proud of. But we have to understand that the process takes time.

Sticking with the melting pot analogy, let’s imagine a baker trying to melt chocolate chips in his pot. The fewer chips in the pot, the easier and quicker it is to melt them. As more chips are added to the pot, it takes longer and longer to melt them all down. America is no different. The more immigrants that come into our country, the longer it takes to assimilate them to our culture. This is a very simple fact.

Is it wrong, then, for America to tell would be immigrants, “We would love to have you here, but unfortunately we need some time to assimilate the millions and millions of immigrants that are already here.”? Such a statement is not meant to discriminate in any manner whatsoever, but rather its sole purpose is to simply ensure the posterity of American culture. Any understanding person could easily see the merit of this type of policy.

Another simple analogy which makes things more clear is to view our country as we would our home. Imagine that you have the most impressive house in the neighborhood, and all of your neighbors want to party at your place. You love showing off your hard-earned house, so you throw a huge block party and invite over all your neighbors. The party lasts well into the night, and finally you decide it’s time to send everyone. But not so fast.

Many of your neighbors refuse to leave since they’re having such a good time, and besides, your house is significantly better than theirs. Why would they go back to their old shacks when there is still plenty of free food and drinks to enjoy in this luxurious setting? To make matters worse, your ornery neighbors now begin to invite all of their friends over to your place without your permission. Before long, your beautiful house is turned into a pigsty and it’s filled with people you don’t even know.

You try to get everyone to leave, but eventually you just give up and try to go bed. As you open your bedroom door, however, you are shocked to discover a couple of strangers passed out in your bed. Disgusted, you turn around to leave when you notice your wedding pictures have been ripped off the wall and the furniture has been moved. You don’t even recognize the place anymore. It’s as if your house is no longer your house.

This is the state of America circa 2016. We have a country full of strangers, and we are quickly losing our culture. Many immigrants are here to simply freeload off of our riches, but even the ones who are here legally are here in such vast numbers that they simply decide to bring their culture with them. Of course we don’t despise their cultures nor force immigrants to completely eschew their cultural origins, but we do politely ask that accept and assimilate to our culture. After all, this is our home, we make the rules, and we don’t want to lose our very dear American culture.

Is all of this rude, insensitive, or xenophobic? Many will answer yes, but to them we must simply reply, “All cultures are not created equal. Immigrants attest to this fact by voting for American culture by the most emphatic means possible, their feet. Immigrants come to America in droves because quite simply, we have more to offer than their home countries. But this has to stop. We can’t support the entire world’s population. We have to protect and jealously guard our country in order to preserve and maintain its status as the shining city upon the hill which makes so many immigrants flock to us. We have to put a moratorium on all immigration and let our melting pot go to work.”

Yes, it is time for America to temporarily shut her gates and lock the doors. Perhaps in the meantime as we set about our assimilation process, other countries will be inspired to form their own America. We can certainly offer support and guidance for any country who wishes to emulate our beautifully attractive system. And hopefully, by the time we are ready to reopen our gates there will not need to be millions of immigrants. Hopefully the rest of the world’s countries can experience their own modern-day 1776 and leave us with the end result of a needed immigration reprieve.


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