The Moderate Lie


There is a prevailing myth in politics that claims we must “reach across the aisle” and “work with the other side.” We must be moderates and not cling to our beliefs. We have to “work together to get things done in Washington.” The list goes on but the goal of this moderate movement is clear–the eradication of principled people.

Life is very uncomplicated if we examine it honestly. Since the beginning of time there has been an unceasing battle between good and evil. Everything in life simply  needs to be viewed through this lens. Politics are no different. There are good policies and there are bad policies. It really is as simple as that.

With that understanding in mind, it becomes quite obvious why this false notion of the necessity of moderates is so detrimental. Ideally, politicians should do all of the necessary meticulous homework to discern which are the good policies and then simply defend them to the death. If a politician is confident that his principles and policies are good and true, there is no reaching across the aisle that needs to occur. He should hold fast to his position as he has the moral high ground and unwaveringly demand that all of his peers support the truth.

If a politician does not hold fast to the truth, he necessarily places politics above principles. Any man which is willing to compromise on principle is not fit for any position of leadership. It can be acceptable to compromise on tactics, but it can never be acceptable to compromise on principle anymore than it could ever be acceptable to sin. The last thing we need is government filled with moderates who are willing to work together with the other side. What we really need is a government of true leaders who are willing to diligently seek out the truth and guard, protect, and defend it with their very lives.


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