“I better not hold your baby daughter or I’ll wind up getting pregnant again.” That is what an acquaintance told my wife and I at a recent shindig. Such a statement stopped me dead in my tracks, and I must admit that I was too shocked to even reply. What a difference in thinking between her and I!

The notion that pregnancies are something to be avoided is completely alien in my baby-loving household. Is that wrong? One has to wonder, in today’s world where natural passions are indulged in to their absolute unnatural extremes, why does the most natural act of giving birth have to be held in such contempt? Do we not see the damage this inflicts as we deprive ourselves of the very best of humanity?

There is nothing in this world better than a newborn baby. Whether we realize it or not, that pure truth is instinctive in all of us. Indeed at the very party where I heard this terrible statement, my newborn daughter was the life of the party. Stranger after stranger walked over to meet such a beautiful baby, and their smiles all seemed a little wider after the encounter. Countless friends, family members, acquaintances, and even strangers asked to hold my daughter.

And this was one party no fluke.

Everywhere we go my two beautiful daughters are complimented as countless days are made just by a short interaction.

Babies are the most powerful individuals in the world.

Their ability to bring joy, contentment, and satisfaction with life is unparalleled.


Good families are the answer to all societal problems, and babies are the answer to all family problems. All too often a couple does not stay together and form a family because of the natural differences that arise between the two parties. Such a tension is perfectly understandable when one examines the nature of love.

The nature of love? To be one.

When a couple is in love, they wish to be one. But is this possible? Can two material beings ever be joined into one? Lovers without children soon discover the answer to be no, and thus the frustration begins. Even though the act of unity be performed, a disunity of persons remains. The tension eventually worsens to the point where love is despaired of as it is seen to be defective. Unity of persons was the goal, but the act of unity alone could never produce the desired unity. So families fall apart and society follows.

How do we solve the paradox of a united disunity?


The begetting of children is what reduces the tension caused by the inability of two lovers to become one. For in a child, the parents’ love has come to fruition in a perfect mixture of each party’s attributes and traits. The two lovers haven’t necessarily become one being, but they have produced one being. This product of their love is the grandest reward in all of creation. Nothing could bring more happiness because nothing else is capable of satisfying love’s desire for unity.

Continue to multiply the product of love, and the strength of the parents’ love will grow exponentially. More babies always equals more love.

Oh, society, stop depriving yourself of your only hope for attaining to goodness. Embrace these most beautiful creations with a heart wide open. Cease holding back in this most important endeavor. Welcome these angelic Godsends, and thank Him each and every day if you are blessed with the privilege of calling a child your own.


3 thoughts on “Babies

  1. Nice, but you should talk to others about the pain children bring into their parents’ lives. Not inconvenience, but soul searing, iron trying pain. It is in these fires that love is refined.

    1. I’ve found that talking about the hardships of marriage and parenthood scares people off. If someone isn’t married and doesn’t have children, they don’t understand the level of love involved. They can’t comprehend so much sacrifice because they can’t fathom the amount of love involved.

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