More Kids = Less Divorce


There are few things in this world more ugly than divorce. This terrible scourge reminds one of Solomon proposing that the newborn babe be cut in two in order to satisfy both women claiming motherhood. Solomon never actually cut the babe in two, but divorce does just that. It is an absolutely terrible experience for all parties involved, and it must be stopped.

How? Rather than cutting the babe in two, more babes need to be produced. Time and again, studies have shown that divorce rates decrease as the number of children increases. Have more children, and your marriage is less-likely to end in divorce.

But we must go a little farther than simply having “more children.” An entirely new attitude towards our life-giving powers is what the doctor has ordered for our divorce-prone nation. No longer can we view them solely as instruments of pleasure. We must learn to respect these powers as we use them only for their intended purpose. This means no artificial contraception, ever. It is never permissible in any circumstance to do anything that would purposely thwart the conception of a child during the marriage act. This might sound like a great sacrifice, but it is a tiny price to pay in exchange for seriously reducing the miserable pain brought on by so many awful divorces.

If one wonders how more children can possibly lead to healthier marriages, one should read this.

For now it suffices to say that if we stop using contraception and start having more children, divorce rates will plummet. Give it a try, America.


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