Don’t Work On Sunday!


It never fails. Every single Sunday in spring, one can drive down the street and see a lawnmower being pushed around nearly every yard. Is this necessary work? It’s a pertinent question to ask ourselves because the performance of substantial, unnecessary servile work on Sunday is a serious sin.

So don’t do it!

Of all the terrible sins which man is capable, God directed ten percent of His Decalogue solely to this matter. Remember thou keep holy the Lord’s day, He told us. Obviously, this is no trivial thing. Although we may think it silly that cutting the grass could be a serious sin, God thinks otherwise. He gave us six full days out of the week to ourselves and requested only one to be kept in His honor.

Is it too much to ask that we wait a few hours to cut our grass? Instead of spending our Sundays tending to the maintenance of our earthly homes, we should spend these precious few hours tending to the maintenance of our souls. Attending church, praying, doing spiritual reading, reflecting upon our actions, making good resolutions, performing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, and wholesome activities with our families are more than enough to fill our Sundays.

If all Americans did this one simple thing–dedicated Sundays to the maintenance of their soul rather than their yard–we would see a near-instant transformation in our moral fabric. So get to work, America. On your souls, that is…



5 thoughts on “Don’t Work On Sunday!

  1. I’m not very sure I can agree on this subject for reasons beyond our control.. Should a nurse or a dr. not show up to work because it is a Sunday? Should everyone have to stay home? Well if they can, I say that would be very lucky, and should do so.. In these days where jobs can be hard to find for many, they may need added income. although as Catholics they would prefer to honor the LORDS DAY. But the sad reality is sometimes not working on a Sunday can’t helped.. I know for many years I worked Sunday in a hospital simply because there wasn’t enough help due to budget cuts. Respectfully Tom, you may be correct about work on Sundays being wrong, yet I think Jesus worked when he was teaching his disciples and audiences when he walked the earth helping and saving those that were afflicted with diseases and needed His help with what help they sought. I know the Ten Commandments also, to honor the Lords Day, keeping it Holy.. But that has to be in ones heart every day including Sunday.
    Thank you, Lila k

    1. Sure you can agree. You basically described my position. Noticed I clarified by saying “unnecessary” work. Any necessary work is always permitted because, like a very wise man once said, “If it isn’t reasonable it isn’t Catholic.” Of course there are times when one must work on Sundays, and they commit no sin by doing so. This article specifically focused on cutting grass. Is it ever necessary to cut grass on a Sunday? I think you and I can both agree the answer is probably not.

  2. “Then Our Lady of La Salette told them that the two things which at that time pained her Son most were the neglect of Sunday observance and blasphemous language.” So it’s not just you who isn’t too happy about people cutting their grass on Sunday 🙂 It happens all too often that Catholics use Sunday as a day to do ‘servile’ work, go grocery shopping, do their retail shopping, etc., etc. Indeed, America would be transformed if Catholics simply honored the Lord’s Day. And yes, not cutting the grass on Sunday would be a great start — Mark (

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