How to Stop Orlandos


So you say you want to stop mass tragedies like Orlando from occurring? Okay, then first you have to annihilate the ideology that perpetuates these attacks, Islamism, and then you have to wipe out society’s notion that human life is without intrinsic value.

First, Islamism. This demonic ideology has done much to effect hell on Earth because it is the very antithesis of the religion established by Christ. Islamism is the devil’s counter to Christianity, so we should never be surprised by how low its adherents will stoop. Whether knowingly or not, those who practice any form of the religion of Islam are paying homage to Satan.

How to destroy such an abomination? Apply its counterpart. Christianity is the only effective antidote to the poison that is Islam.  The two religions could not be more antithetical, and the only way to defeat the rise of Islam is by an even greater rise of Christianity. All man-made religions are powerless against the demonic religion of Islam, so our only hope is to employ the divinely-established religion of Christianity.

Do this and Islam will whither away into oblivion where it belongs.

Do this and terrorist attacks will all but become a thing of the past.

But even if Islam be defeated, we must remake our culture to respect human life. What society stands a chance at survival if its people don’t respect the value of their own lives? Orlandos will always take place if we refuse to accept the truth that human life has intrinsic value.

Luckily, these two birds of Islamism and disrespect for human life can be killed by the one stone that is Christianity. There is disrespect for human life because we have lost our purpose in life. We no longer possess supernatural goals for the human race; we have become obsessed with the natural. Partake in as many sensual pleasures as possible has become the only mantra of our society. Change this by giving man purpose in life. Make him to look beyond the simple natural pleasures and instead focus his efforts on obtaining the everlasting pleasures of an eternal union with his creator.

This change in focus from natural things to supernatural things is how man begins to understand the value of his life. When one truly understands the value of his life and strives to apply that life correctly, he has become a Christian. When the world becomes Christian, Orlandos do not happen.


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