Why Do You Hate Gay People?


I don’t.

But it’s awfully tough to convince one of that fact when they are incessantly hearing a narrative stating the exact opposite. If you are not in favor of the so-called gay rights movement, you de facto hate gays. That’s what we’re supposed believe, anyway.

Perhaps tired of being labeled as hateful, conservatives the country over are using the Orlando shooting as an opportunity to dispel the myth of their hate. So they manifest their lack of a spine by claiming to stand with the LGBT crowd in this time of crisis. The entire country is currently bathed in rainbow colors to apparently show solidarity with LGBTs.

But not this writer.

Evil is still evil. And make no bones about it, the actions of the LGBT crowd are nothing short of demonic.

Instead of giving into the lie that is sexual deviancy, let’s instead explain why we will always be vehemently opposed to LGBT principles.

Hate is a non factor.

The only real motivation is a love of truth and a love of God. But I repeat myself. God is truth, and the truth is that LGBT principles are antithetical to God’s eternal laws.

I don’t hate gay people.

I love the truth, and I love my God.

That is why I will always call LGBT principles by their proper name: evil.


5 thoughts on “Why Do You Hate Gay People?

  1. Well said, Tom. We hate the SIN and not the sinner. I feel terribly sorry for the people who lost their lives, their family and friends who must endure the grief. But I also feel sad that they died believing that it was okay to live their lifestyle against what God has told us.

  2. Tom Naegele, here are a few more questions: 1: Assuming you have children raised by straight couples and same-sex couples respectively, that the children are happy in either case, does this not render the notion that same-sex parenting is a bad thing as invalid? 2: If a straight couple’s marriage that produces children falls apart, due to spousal and/or substance abuse and this did not happen in a same-sex parent household, would the children of same-sex parents not be better off in this context? Homosexuality and paedophilia are not synonymous.

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