Radical Islam is Not the Problem


Our leaders are way off track.

In their attempt to prevent more Orlando-style tragedies, many plans of action are being discussed. But not one of them is correct. In order to efficiently solve a problem, the root cause must first be identified.

Many on the right like to harass the politically correct for their refusal to accept radical Islam as the problem. But this writer actually agrees that radical Islam is not the problem.

Islam is the problem.

While many continue to buy into the myth that only a small minority of Muslims are radical, and that we have no right to attack an entire religion, the truth disagrees.

Islam produces these so-called radical Islamists, so Islam as a whole is clearly the problem. No doctor could ignore a non-life-threatening form of cancer while saying only life-threatening forms of cancer should be our focus. How about we just wipe out cancer altogether?

Of course, no guns, immigration laws, or foreign policy is going to defeat Islam completely. Islam is an idea, and it can only be defeated by a stronger idea. We cannot physically force the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims to reject their faith because those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still.

But we can work on spiritually convincing them.


Embrace Islam’s antidote, Christianity. If each of us today decided to be a better Christian, we would soon see the results of our good efforts. The two religions of Islam and Christianity are inversely proportional. For every good Christian act we perform, one hateful Islamic act can be cancelled out.

Instead of beating around the politically correct bush, let’s get to the truth here.

The entire religion of Islam is the problem, and we should work everyday to defeat it by becoming better Christians.


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