What’s In a Marriage?


The topic of marriage has been in the news recently, so let’s take a few words to examine its nature. How many people could give the true definition marriage?

To the world, it seems that marriage is simply a temporary arrangement between any two persons who enjoy each other’s company and decided to shack up for a while.

But what does the truth have to say about marriage?

This beautiful institution is actually intended to be the representation of Christ’s relationship with His Church. The husband plays the role of the life-giving, self-sacrificing, all-providing Christ, while the wife brings that life to fruition and subsequently nurtures it.

Thus any non-Christian should be able to look upon a Christian marriage and be in awe by the beauty contained therein. What relationship could be more perfect than Christ’s love for His spouse, the Christian Church?

We should all do our very best to emulate and reflect this most unblemished relationship within our own marriages. When marital difficulties arise, simply look to Christ and His Church, and follow their most perfect example.

Whatever the world may say, this is the true nature of marriage.


3 thoughts on “What’s In a Marriage?

  1. What about 2 people of the same sex that want to call themselves married? Since the public is not involved in their personal lives (unless they advertise their sexual activities on social media, which is doubtful,) the general public has no right to vote on this issue. Neither do the politicians who swear to uphold the Constitution. The equal protection clause in the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution seems to be overlooked in this regard.

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