Perhaps the most important thing to remember in a marriage is that both parties are on the same team. This means that when one party is upset with the other, he can do nothing that would damage his beloved teammate. An attack upon his teammate is an attack upon himself, and what kind of person attacks himself?

It is our stubborn pride which often causes us to forget that our marriage requires team work. When offended, our pride tells us that our individuality is more important than the team as a whole. So we rush to our own defense by attacking our own teammates. This a terribly destructive and selfish attitude.

Every time one party in a marriage feels that he is offended by his teammate, he should stop to consider that his teammate is a part of himself. The two have become one. This simple little thought could keep us from acting selfishly and attacking our other half.

As written before, our marriages are meant to symbolize the union between Christ and His spouse, the Church. If we consider that Christ laid down His life by shedding every last drop of His blood out of love for His spouse, perhaps we will be motivated to pick up our own little crosses. Rarely is the sacrifice of our life required, but almost daily is the sacrifice of our pride required.


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