Homosexuals & Satanism


Occasionally, followers of the Natural Law struggle to explain why homosexual acts are so wrong. In fact, some so-called conservatives have given up altogether and now welcome homosexuality under the guise of tolerance. Perhaps a refresher is in order.

When asked why homosexual acts between two consenting adults are wrong, many will answer simply, “Because God said so.” This may seem like a cop out, but it’s actually the best possible reason one can offer. God has explicitly denounced this particular sin in no uncertain terms, and that should be enough to convince anyone.

But it is only natural for us to desire a deeper understanding, so we must be prepared to give a more-full answer. Perhaps the most effective argument runs thus. Homosexual acts are terribly immoral and detrimental because they divorce sexual relations from their intended purpose. These actions establish the principle, “If it feels good–do it,” which is nothing more than a synonym for Satanism’s only commandment, “Do what thou wilt.”

Why do people engage in homosexual acts? Because they think it feels good. Why do people engage in pedophilia, molestation, and bestiality? Because they think it feels good. And this “feel good” principle necessarily leads to the destruction of all society. For how can a nation–being logically consistent–punish a criminal who is only doing what feels good?

Sexual relations have a very definite purpose within a very definite framework. Anyone who deviates from this established order is choosing to worship Satan instead of God.



5 thoughts on “Homosexuals & Satanism

  1. Fornication, adultery, and contraception likewise are sins that people commit because they think it feels good, but which actually go against the purpose for which God intended us to have those feelings. Modern psychology tells us that man is nothing more than an animal; if that is true, then it follows that there is no higher principle to govern our lives than pleasure and emotion. It leads directly to hedonism.

    But there is a hierarchy of sexual sin. The passions that lead to fornication between a man and a woman are natural passions, but the sin lies in acting on them outside of marriage or in a way contrary to that which leads to the conception of a child. Homosexuality is specifically different. To deliberately entertain an impure thought about a member of the same sex is already to commit something intrinsically contrary to nature. This generic idea, that it is always unnatural to consent to a kind of feeling of attraction, is more repugnant to the modern mentality than the Catholic attitude toward heterosexual relationships, namely, that the attraction is natural but ought to be controlled. This is because modern men, even when they base their actions on rationality, do so according to a subjective and autonomous rationality, which is susceptible to be governed by the passions. If we say with Kant that one must always act on a universal maxim, then the same law that seems to forbid a homosexual man from pursuing a romantic relationship would likewise forbid us all. However, from the standpoint of natural law, the difference is precisely that a homosexual attraction is incapable of being controlled and directed to a natural end. That is what makes it a sin that cries to heaven for vengeance.

    The satanic maxim, “Do what thou wilt,” is actually more insidious than base hedonism. The full law as written by Crowley is: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will.” It is an explicit inversion of St. Augustine’s “Love, and do what thou wilt.” The latter means, of course, that whatever we will do in the love of God is pleasing to Him. By contrast, what Crowley means is something akin to “follow your bliss.” We are commanded (by the spirit who supposedly dictated this law to Crowley) first to discover our “true will,” which is revealed to us by our “higher self” which in Crowley’s magical system would seem to be a demonic spirit. Whatever that will commands is one’s law, and therefore one must love it above all things. My true will may differ from your true will; in fact, they may contradict, and in an Hegelian sense they must; therefore war is both inevitable and good, insofar as it fulfills the true will of the combatants. And so is every imaginable kind of transgression, on the same condition.

    Homosexuals actually suffer profoundly. Like degenerates of all kinds, they can never find true happiness so long as their lives are ruled by their vices. Why then do they advocate for their rights — why must they insist on going to war against God, making a mockery of marriage and of religion? Not merely because it feels good, but because they believe something to the effect that it is their true will.

    1. Now I think I know how St. Bonaventure felt when he compared his writings with those of St. Thomas Aquinas. He felt his writings were so inferior to St. Thomas’ that he simply threw them away.

      I must thank you for taking the time to write all of this out. I’ve benefited immensely from your explanation of things, and I absolutely agree with every single word.

      Could you please comment more often?

  2. For apologetics, equating homosexuality with pedophilia, molestation, and bestiality will turn many people away from you. Stay with “God doesn’t make mistakes.”

    Following only what the mind (or spirit) desires, regardless of the body, is Gnosticism. This heresy will never go away.

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