“I Hate Math!”


It’s assuredly the most feared school subject. And for good reason. Perhaps more than any other subject, math requires an extraordinary amount of brain functions. From logical processing to problem solving and process of elimination, math forces one to set about the most meticulous of steps until a solution is finally determined.

In other words, math is very logic-heavy.

And that is precisely why it’s the most despised subject of them all.

We don’t much care for logic in today’s world.

“When will I ever use this in real life?” is the most common complaint raised against math. Well, in the 21st century the answer is quite frankly, “Not often, apparently.”

Our society has collectively decided to eschew the guiding principle of logic and adopt emotion in its stead. Just try and have a logical argument with someone today and the chances are it will quickly descend to the realm of purely emotional appeals.

A recent study affirms this point by noting that “College kids can’t discern between fact and opinion.” We’ve allowed ourselves to become a society that runs on emotion and opinions rather than facts and truth. The fruits of such a disastrous decision are manifest.

How about we all do a little math homework tonight and work on restoring logic to its rightful place above emotion.


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