That sounds like a strange word to hear in America circa 2016, huh?

Well, regardless of what the world may say, the truth still matters. And the simple truth is that we have lost any sense of modesty as it pertains to clothing. No matter where one goes, they are inevitably met by grossly immodest men and women alike. Our culture is seemingly playing a giant game of “Who can wear the least amount of clothing.” But frankly this is no laughing matter.

Why do humans wear clothes in the first place? Because clothes dignify a person. One of the things that sets human beings apart from all other creatures is our decision to clothe our bodies. By wearing clothes, we are essentially saying, “I am not ruled by my animal instincts. I have an intelligence and a free will. My passions are subject to my intelligence, and thus I will conceal my body in an attempt to control those passions aroused by looking at the body of another human.” To the extent that we are clothed, we are dignified.

Ever noticed the borderline ridiculous amount of clothing historically worn by Kings, Queens, and royal families? They are trying to dignify and exalt both their office and themselves. Ever noticed how slaves have historically worn next to no clothing? Their masters are trying to degrade their humanity. Ever notice the first thing evil dictators do with the masses they round up for execution? They are always stripped of their clothing. Strip someone of their clothing, and they are stripped of their humanity. By continuing to undress society, we are dehumanizing society. We are throwing God’s gifts of intelligence and free will back in His face while telling Him we prefer to be animals.

If one is a slave to his passions, he is like an animal. If one decides to parade around in immodest clothing, he is exalting his passions over his intelligence.

If one wishes to be a dignified human being with passions controlled by intellect, let him wear decent and modest clothing. If one wishes to be an animal ruled by passions, let him wear indecent clothing.

The real crime associated with being like an animal is that it makes us less like God. Human beings were created in God’s image and likeness. We, like Him, have an intelligence and a free will. Our passions do not have to control us because we can conquer them. But when we dress immodestly, we are telling our Creator that we want no part of Him.We want to be like animals and not like Him, an intelligent being. Immodest clothing is therefore a direct refusal of the greatest gift any creature could ever hope for–the gift of being created in the image and likeness of an eternally good and beautiful God. What a travesty.


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