For the Love of Truth-Part I


Can any of us say that we would give our lives in defense of the truth? Do any of us find truth to be of such importance?

We should.

Truth is that which is. Therefore, truth must always be good. In fact, truth and goodness are synonymous. How so? Everything that exists is by its very nature, good. God can create nothing that is evil. And since God created everything which is, God exclusively created everything that is good and true.

Truth is God. He is Eternal Truth, and He is Eternal Goodness. We should always be willing to give our lives for that.

Many will object and point out the supposed existence of evil as a protest against God. But He never created evil, nor could He. Evil does not actually exist in and of itself. Evil is simply the absence of that which is good. Much like black is not a color but rather the absence of all color, evil is not a created thing but rather the absence of goodness.

Evil is all that which is untrue. Therefore, all untruths are the opposite of God. No matter how small the evil, it is always in direct opposition of the goodness which is God.

When viewed in this light, it is quite clear that we should be willing and ready to sacrifice our bodily lives for the truth. For any truth. Better to suffer the death of the body than to consent to one untruth on any matter. For in so doing, we would be professing our belief in an infinitely good God Who is capable of goodness and truth alone.

What a reward there will be for that!

If we choose instead to consent to a lie, we deny God His Eternal Goodness. Imagine the Divinely just wrath in store for the pitiful creature who dares to challenge his infinite Creator. While there are varying degrees of offense (the lesser of which will not merit an eternal punishment), who among us is willing to stand before the Almighty Creator of our entire universe and tell Him that He is not good? What a dreadful and terrifying thought indeed.

So who is the man in the picture above, and how does he factor into this discussion? He is one of the many who so loved the truth that he was willing to sacrifice his bodily life in its defense. More about that in part II. Oh, that we could all love the truth as did this most beloved man for all seasons.


3 thoughts on “For the Love of Truth-Part I

    1. I haven’t forgotten him! I have much more writing to do, so maybe he’ll be in there somewhere. I’m just a little biased towards my namesake 😉

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