How to Eliminate Racism


Well, we’re at it again. Recent episodes in Minnesota and Louisiana have the nation once again debating racism.

Whether or not the particular police officers involved in these incidents were guilty of racism is a moot point in the grand scheme of things. There is no denying that racism exists and it most likely always will.

Rather than arguing about the degree to which racism exists or doesn’t exist, let’s instead determine the root cause of the problem and then work out a solution.

The root cause of racism? A simultaneous obsession with the body and a gross neglect of the soul.

Modern man is exclusively focused on all things sensual, while the soul is completely ignored. Life has become all about satisfying your bodily desires to their fullest possible extent. Look around and what do you see but that which exclusively pertains to the bodily senses. Food, sex, beauty, fashion, these are apparently our prime concerns.

And yet we have the nerve to complain when someone acts upon the noticeable differences in skin color between the multiple races. Doesn’t our culture gladly spend the vast majority of its time obsessing over skin? It seems one of our chief concerns is how much skin we are showing in our dress. Our culture collectively wastes millions of hours a day staring at and obsessing over skin in manners of all sorts.

When someone begins to act upon the differences in skin between the races, however, we act completely shocked and appalled. What do we expect to happen!? How can we spend our lives obsessing over all things bodily and sensual and then reasonably cry foul when the racism problem comes up? It is wholly illogical to spend our lives focusing so much on skin and then not expect people to act upon their observations.

The only real solution to racism lies in a belief system which stresses that man is composed of body and soul. Such a belief system is of course, religion, and religion is the only true remedy for the evil of racism.

But not just any religion.

In order for a religion to effectively combat racism, it must be primarily concerned with the soul and all things spiritual. Man’s body must take a backseat to his soul. This means that any religion which is regional, national, or sensual in any other form is completely ineffective against racism and every other evil. The religion we need must be universal. It must be for men of all shapes, sizes, and colors. It must be for all times and places. It must be eternal. It must be good, and it must be true.

Now if only we could find and embrace such a religion, racism would disappear…


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