The Folly of Human Knowledge


We really are a silly bunch.

We are all born knowing nothing, and we make the acquiring of knowledge our foremost goal. Without knowledge, we can do nothing. In other words, knowledge gives us power. Specifically, it gives us the power to do good.

For if one wanted to do evil, he could simply follow his passions and emotions like an animal. But we are all instinctively aware that such a course of action is wrong.

And that’s why we set about acquiring knowledge–to accomplish good.

But what happens when we acquire knowledge? All too often, we also acquire pride. And this is how the good from our knowledge is undone.

Pride is the root of all sin. Better for a man to make himself into an animal than into a god. If man forfeits all knowledge he disgraces himself while denying he was made in the image and likeness of God. But when a man is proud, he goes to the opposite extreme of claiming to possess all knowledge and thus render himself to be God.

One extreme is a sin against our nature, the other is a sin against God’s nature.

But back to knowledge. How fragile, weak, and limited, is man’s knowledge!

It’s almost a lose-lose situation where one effects evil if no knowledge is gained, but effects even greater evil if he becomes proud due to the knowledge gained.

The solution? Seek out knowledge, but seek it in all humility. Subject ourselves to our God. Realize that man is capable of no good on his own, but all goodness must emanate from God. He is the source of all knowledge. Ask it of Him, but see to it that we’re using it for His purposes.

After all, it is His knowledge. He simply shares it with His creatures so they can more fully appreciate their Creator.

Is your acquiring of knowledge leading to a greater appreciation of Him?


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