The Solution


Concerning the Islam problem, most commentators incorrectly lay the blame upon a small minority of “radical Islamists.” A few are intellectually honest enough to see that Islam itself is the problem.

But neither of these groups offer a solution to the Islam problem.

The fact is, the acts of terror and carnage perpetuated by Islam will continue as long as Islam exists. We can only do so much to prevent such acts from occurring. It is impossible to foresee every wicked plan devised by these demonic individuals.

The only real option left on the table, then, is a complete and utter annihilation of Islam from the face of the Earth.

How can we accomplish such a feat? Should we bomb them into oblivion? Should we overtake their countries and overthrow their governments? Should we persuade the moderates to discourage the radicals from their crimes?


We should convert them to Christianity.


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