I Am Not a Conservative


Conservatism doesn’t work.

Conservatives have no answers.

Their only retort, ‘shrink the government,’ applies in many facets, but not all. Therefore, conservatism cannot be a sound political philosophy. What we need in its stead is a philosophy that tells us precisely how the entire governmental system should function as a whole.

Such a philosophy can only be found in the principle of subsidiarity.

This principle essentially states that all matters should be handled at the lowest possible level of government. The higher levels of government exist only to support the lower levels of government.

Considering this principle, it becomes clear that the lowest level of government is the family unit. Thus, in order for government to properly function, families must first properly function.

Let us, then, set about restoring our families and working from the bottom up to transform our government.


2 thoughts on “I Am Not a Conservative

  1. You should run for office as a Christian Constitutionalist. Even if you lose you can reach many more people with your views than you do currently. And when you are elected you can reach even more folks.

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