“Just Don’t Bother me Personally!”


In a college ethics class this author once attended, students were to asked to share their own personal views on a wide variety of moral issues. Unanimously, the students stated that while personally against many of the issues, they didn’t mind if others wished to partake.

“I’m personally against [Fill in the blank], but I don’t mind if someone wants to do that just as long as they don’t bother me personally.”

This mentality is apparently the norm in our society, and that is precisely why we are losing our traditional values. While the vast majority of Americans prefer to conserve traditional values and institutions, they have bought into the lie that those traditional values can coexist with modern values.

The truth couldn’t disagree more.

The problem with the theory of simultaneous coexistence of antithetical values is that man is made to be a social being. There is no such thing as modern values not affecting you personally because all men are part of society. Try as one might, it is impossible to live without coming into contact with modern culture.

If you personally prefer traditional marriage but don’t mind others joining in gay “marriage,” you may as well write the death certificate for traditional marriage. The two ideas are diametrically opposed and inversely proportional. As one increases, the other decreases. Gay “marriage” has now ubiquitous throughout culture. As such, traditional marriage has been all but eliminated from the face of the Earth.

Good and evil cannot peacefully coexist. They will always be at war with one another. We must clearly distinguish which values belong on each side, and then completely throw our weight behind those values.

No gazelle would ever imagineĀ that he could live peacefully among a pride of lions, and he would certainly have the sense to turn and run the other way with all his might.

Let’s join him.



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