Soul > Body


“I can’t get my spiritual life in order until I get my material and physical life in order.”

So speaks the foolish man.

The human being is composed of both body and soul, and the body is of much less value than the soul. Everything the body does is accomplished only by the power of the soul. The body is animated by the soul. When the body separates from the soul, it is instantly rendered lifeless as it begins its natural transition back to dust.

All of these truths indicate that the life of the body is nothing when compared to the life of the soul. Focusing on material and physical problems while ignoring the spiritual problems is like worrying about a dent on the car while the entire engine is on the verge of complete ruin.

But aren’t dents in the car still important? Sure, but they’re much easier to fix when the engine is running smoothly without any chance of breaking down.

No matter what the material or physical problem may be with one’s life, they will be infinitely more successful in solving that problem if they look first to their soul. Is everything in order there? Is peace to be found there? If yes, all the material and physical problems of the world combined will be as nothing.

What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his soul? Conversely, what does it bother a man if he suffers the loss of his whole world yet gains the eternal life of his soul?

Focus on properly ordering your spiritual life above all else. The rest is just details.


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