You and Him


Does there ever come a point where someone is just too far gone? Can a life be messed up beyond repair? Can someone just have so many problems that they can’t possibly be a good person?

No, no, and no.

To be a good person, only one thing is required. We must love our God more than ourselves.

Sure, this may be tough to effect in the practical order, but it remains that to be a good person is theoretically very simple. All it takes is one act of the will to acknowledge God’s goodness and our own personal nothingness.

Those with a plethora of sinful problems are actually in the perfect position to make this act of the will. The firsthand knowledge of their sinfulness should serve as a great proof of man’s depravity and weakness. An act of humility is the most perfectly logical step for a sinful soul to take.

It’s a great insult to the good God Who created us when we believe that our problems are too great for Him to solve. His mercy is infinite, and He is patiently waiting to dispense with His grace.

But the order must come from you.

If you’re a sinful soul being buried in your own iniquity, turn to the infinitely powerful and merciful God Who created you. Nothing is hard or impossible to Him. His heart is burning for love of you, and He is holding out His hand just waiting for you to take it. He once had those same hands nailed to a cross specifically for this reason–to save sinners.

To save you.

All you have to do is ask. Close your eyes, get on your knees, and lift your heart to Him.

He’s literally dying to hear from you.



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